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How Might the Weather Affect your Investments?

The disastrous weather we’ve witnessed in recent years has many people wondering what the weather will do next. The seemingly end-to-end storms, bus...

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What is an Annuity?

The term ‘Annuity’ is often mentioned in the financial press or TV advertising, but what actually are annuities and how do they work in practice? ...

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Is This the Future of Banking?

Peer to Peer, or ‘P2P’, lending is a method of bringing borrowers and lenders together without a traditional financial institution to act as inter...

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Virtual Currencies – Funny Money or Legal Tender?

Virtual currencies, or cyber currencies, are both a medium of exchange and a store of value, just like traditional money. However, unlike banknotes or...

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Judging a super Fund’s Performance

A super fund’s investment performance will change from year to year. Your super will grow over the long term, but in the meantime you might expe...

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