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Guest Post Guidelines

Are you looking to explore your passion for Financial Services? Or perhaps you want to share seasoned DIY knowledge, detail a home improvement project or begin building a portfolio of writing? Whatever your reasons for wanting to submit a guest post, WealthPath Financial Services is always on the lookout for talented writers to partner with. Because we’re passionate about only sharing the best content, the most relevant news and the most expert tips, tricks, guides and advice – we have a STRICT policy on submitting work.

Please make sure that you match our guidelines before getting in touch (we’re super busy!)

Submit a Guest post

The Process:

We can be picky so please DO NOT send us completed articles without prior correspondence. We don’t want you to spend time researching and writing before we’ve okayed the topic (we’re looking out for you here).

Once your topic has been given the go-ahead, and you’ve written and sent it to us – you will be notified if your article will be posted or not and a link to the live article when it has.

The Policy:

Unique and Original Posts

We do NOT accept duplicate articles or blogs. Once your post has been sent to us we will check and verify that the piece has NOT been duplicated. We reserve the right, and it is our sole discretion, whether your writing is deemed suitable for the site to be published.

Writing Style

We will not accept sloppy writing. Everyone makes mistakes here and there (I’m sure we have already) but a passion for interior design isn’t enough – a passion for writing is also a must.

Non-Negotiables When You Submit a Guest Post:

  • Correct spelling and grammar.
  • Properly headed (and subheaded) sections and paragraphs.
  • No self-promotion! CPDesign is about UNBIASED advice and guidance.
  • External links are accepted – guaranteed that they’re relevant.
  • Use keywords that reflect what your article or post is about.
  • Go easy on the exclamation marks!!!

When You Submit a Guest Post:

The editorial team reserve the right to make as many or little changes to your guest post as they see fit, after all, no one knows our audience better than us.

Bio Guidelines

The bio can be up to 50 words and include a link.

You may mention your product or website – if relevant – within an article, but we will not publish any that’s advertorial of your product or service.

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