Trending Home Improvements That Can Boost Your House Value

Trending Home Improvements That Can Boost Your House Value

Have you been dreaming of redecorating your home for the longest time now? Then let me tell you this. This year is the perfect time to do so! With all the wonderful remodelling ideas rounding up the corner, you get to splurge on the top home improvement trends that will surely make your home stand out among the others.

As technological advances geared towards home improvement becomes abundant, we can now enjoy smart and innovative ideas to make our home more beautiful and convenient even with our limited budget. The key to a smart home renovation is to invest in trends that gives the best Return of Investments.

Check out the top trending home improvements this 2018!

Experimental Landscapes

Before we go inside of your home, let’s talk about your landscape. One of the coolest landscaping trends this year are experimental landscapes. This idea entertains the creative use of your outdoor space. You do not only get a beautiful lawn and garden but an extended livable space perfect for other activities like working, playing and socialising.

You can now cook outdoors, gather family and friends on your newly built decks or patios while you get to spend the day being surrounded by nature. With an experimental landscape design Perth, you get the best of both worlds.

Open Concept Floor Plans

Houses with open floor plans do not only look and feel spacious, but it also makes the room cozier, versatile and a lot less formal. Without any walls obstructing the view from your kitchen to your dining room, you get to keep an eye on your guests while preparing meals in the hub of your home.

Another great thing about open floor plans is that the area looks brighter and airy. It also gives you flexibility when it comes to choosing your furniture. More space means you can have bigger, bulkier and more beautiful pieces of furniture without having to worry about the limited space.

Smart Storage Solutions

For homes with small and limited spaces such as in the kitchen, the best home improvement tip for you is to invest in smart storages. This type of cabinetry eliminates unnecessary waste of space. With better storage solutions, you get to maximise your kitchen space while saving money and having areas where you can effectively store food, drinks, kitchen tools and accessories as well as your beloved appliances.

Smart Home Innovations

Thanks to smart technology, you can now be a proud member of a smart home. Simple tasks we fail to do ourselves can now be fulfilled. You can adjust your lighting and thermostat with the use of your phone. You can get bidet seats for your bathrooms for easier and more hygienic toilet use, or have a robot do the vacuuming for you. The list is endless, and it only gets better.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

To start your switch to energy-efficient upgrade, the first thing you need to do is to have your home undergo an energy evaluation. This step will assess the different ways your home makes use of energy. After the assessment, there’s no need to jump on solar panels to save energy and money, while it is an excellent way to do so.

By sealing air leaks, adding attic insulation, investing on doors, windows and even skylights that are energy efficient, installing programmable thermostats, switching to energy-efficient lighting fixtures as well as energy star appliances are just some of the best ways to go green. It may seem costly at first, but the saving you get afterwards is all worth it.

Bathroom Updates

With bathrooms now becoming a favourite place of homeowners, and it only makes sense to give this unique haven the spotlight. Baths are not just private areas where we do personal hygiene and do our stuff but space where we can sit back, relax and be ourselves.

Why not give your bathroom a new splash of colour? Update your old and boring walls with fresh new paint, or get your damaged walls fixed. Maybe it’s high time to replace your toilet, tub and shower heads? Why not update your lighting fixture as well for the ultimate bath makeover? The ROI you get will be worth more than your investment which makes it a fun and exciting renovation project.

Front Entry Makeover

As the main entry point of your home, your front door and exterior surrounding it also deserve to be updated. Welcome your family and friends with a front entryway that screams beautiful home straight ahead. If you plan on painting it, look for various complementary colours. It would also be best to invest in sturdy and durable materials for other updates to ensure longevity.

Adequate Lighting

Adequate or proper lighting is essential no matter what kind of building you may have. For homes, it would be wise to invest in energy-efficient lighting fixtures like LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes or CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) bulbs. With the use of a lesser amount of energy, you help contribute to preserving the environment while keeping your pocket healthy due to the smaller amount of energy you have to pay for lighting.

Hardwood Flooring

Investing in the right kind of flooring will get you tons of savings, a beautiful floor and also get to contribute to the environment by making the healthy choice. Hardwood Floorings are typically more durable, and a healthier choice. This type of flooring has no fibres, embossing or grout lines that can trap allergens. It is perfect for people that have allergies. Such flooring also helps contribute to having quality and healthy air indoors.

There you have it! The nine items mentioned are the top trending home improvement tips you have to try this year. These won’t only make your home much more beautiful than before but will give you awesome ROIs for you enjoy in the future. Are you ready to renovate your house now? Which one is your favourite, and which grabbed your attention? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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