Business Hacks 101 : 3 Must-Know Things In Starting A Mobile Phone Accessory Business

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Our Planet is reaching a notable technological milestone, with an endless discovery for new technology there’s a specific gadget that’s always updating – mobile phones. Having a mobile phone is common nowadays, an estimate of 70 percent or two-thirds of the population globally are mobile phone users. The count of cell phone owners in the world is forecasted to pass the five billion mark by 2019.

Undoubtedly, the massive demands for mobile phone represent a fast-growing business opportunity for its accessories. Cell phone cases, Bluetooth speakers, wireless headsets are becoming popular must-have items for mobile phone users. Here are three important things that you’ll need to know if you are planning to start up your own cell phone accessory business.

Know Your Market

It’s important that you should be able to determine the demand for mobile phone accessories retailer in your area. An extensive research in the local community can help you check on possible competitors and consumer needs.

Selling cell phone accessories, like headphone, cases, micro sd cards will be profitable if you know what are the popular brands for smartphones and operating a retail store selling cell phones represent popular marketing opportunities in the industry. For example, iPhone case would be a hit in Japan since more than 50 percent of their population is iPhone owners, which makes Japan the top country that uses iPhone the most.

Where is your store?

Knowing that selling mobile phone accessories is a constant business, especially with each new phone model means new products to sell. You have to carefully think where can you advertise your products, whether you are setting up a physical retail store or an online store, you have to put into consideration that either way you have to invest something in setting up your new business.

If you are setting up a physical location, you can opt for a smaller kiosk as cell phone cases and accessories don’t take up a lot of floor space, just make sure to place it on a location with a heavy foot traffic. If you are tech savvy and you have a limited budget to startup, then you can enter the online advertising. Just make sure to reach your targeted consumers by being active in social media advertising.

Look for the best supplier

Finding the right cell phone accessory wholesaler will help you maximize profits. We want a manufacturer that provides a high-quality product at a low price. You can start by doing a search online using essential keywords such as “ cell phone accessory distributor” or any terms that relate to “cell phone accessories wholesaler”.

The Internet has become a trustworthy tool for finding resources without exerting too much efforts just like which provides high-quality products, which makes online shopping comfortable and ensure their customers are happy and satisfied.


Setting up a business could be both risky and stressful, especially that money would always be involved. If you are eyeing to be part of the mobile phone accessory marketing always do your research and never forget these 3 factors that would help you succeed in your new business venture.


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