5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Tarps For Your Business










Need a durable cover for your greenhouse? How about a tarpaulin for your next outdoor adventure? Or maybe you have plans on getting a tarp for your business? Then what you need are durable tarps that can cater to your specific needs. But before you swipe a card, there are things you should know about tarps, especially if this is your first time buying one.

Here are some of the things you every owner should know before buying tarps for your business.

Tarps come in different sizes

By now, one should know that there is no one-size-fits-all tarpaulin. Since different tarps cater to various needs be it for residential, industrial or commercial purposes, you can choose from the many sizes available, or better yet, have yours custom-made for a better fit.

Tarps come in different grades

While tarpaulins are usually advertised to be strong and durable, they come in different classes. It only means a tarp can cater to a specific amount of stressors while the other can withstand more extreme conditions. Light duty tarps, for example, are ideal for temporary shelters. These are the more convenient, inexpensive and an instant fix to common problems such as leaky roofs, instant garage or truck covers.

As for Heavy Duty Tarps, they are heavier longer lasting compared to light duty tarps. They are usually used for industrial and commercial purposes since they can lose longer than the typical tarp. Also, Heavy Duty Tarps have a high resiliency to UV Rays and chemicals, are extremely resistant to flex cracking and usually has a glossy surface

There are four types of tarp according to the materials used.

Poly Tarps are made up of Polyethylene and Polypropylene. We commonly use poly tarps as camping, construction, temporary roof and truck covers. Painters are the ones who usually use canvas, but these can also be construction covers, machinery and equipment covers and floor covers to name a few.

Mesh tarps have a screen-like appearance which allows both privacy and shade. Aside from privacy covers for construction, public facilities and even residential properties, one can also use mesh tarps to align fences like in golf courses. The last type is Vinyl Tarps which is the most durable, most longer-lasting and most heavy duty among other tarps. Big industries take advantage of utmost protection vinyl tarps has to offer and are the number one choice when it comes to industrial-grade tarps.

Waterproof tarps are different from water-resistant tarpaulins.

Many get confused with the terms waterproof and water-resistant, often mixing them up if not thinking they are just the same. Water-resistant tarps are those who can withstand water from entering the tarp’s material while a waterproof one offers full protection against water damage. Depending on your purpose, you’ll have to check which feature best suits your needs.

Choose a tarp while taking environmental factors into consideration.

Not all tarps are waterproof, UV resistant or can perform even under the lowest temperatures. It is important to note that PVC tarps can withstand freezing temperatures. Both Poly tarps And PVC tarpaulins are waterproof.

In order to find the best tarp in Australia, make sure to only buy from a certified supplier of high-quality Australian tarpaulin. Make use of the list mentioned above, and you’ll be able to find just the right kind of tarp for your personal or business needs.


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