Debt Reduction

When used properly debt can be a very useful tool. There are some strategies that could significantly help your financial situation. By using debt recycling and reducing your inefficient debt you could achieve financial independence much sooner.

Some strategies include:

Using an offset account:

An offset account is a transaction account that is linked to your homeloan and the balance is directly offset against the loan balance before interest is calculated. You could then use any cash reserves you have to offset your loan balance while still maintaining access to your funds.

Using all of your salary to repay your mortgage faster:

By automatically crediting your entire salary into your offset account your salary is immediately used to reduce the size of your loan, having the same impact as increasing the repayment amount.

Using a credit card to pay for the majority of your living expenses:

Provided you repay the credit card balance within the interest free period, this enables you to use your own funds to reduce the average daily loan balance. A combination of these three strategies can significantly help you to become mortgage free quickly.

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