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Author: Peter Maurer

Financial Planning and Property Investment

Direct Property Investment is typically a residential dwelling held for rental income. Residential real estate provides a lower income yield for highe...

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Investing Verses Trading; Why investing is better

Trading returns by their inherent nature are volatile, because profit from trading is dependent on price volatility Investing has a long-term, capital...

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An investment strategy for the times………. for the times they are a- changin’

War on Ukraine and Covid lockdowns in China fuelling inflation Rising inflation – is it transitory or entrenched? Australian economy is resilient; l...

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The Reserve Bank of Australia and digital money – is it real?

Crypto-currency has captured the attention of the Reserve Bank of Australia. Blockchain technology enables crypto-currency transactions to be processe...

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Cryptocurrency and the Australian Taxation Office

Cryptocurrency and The Australian Tax Office: What you need to know. Up to 1 million Australians own cryptocurreency, according to the ATO Wages paid ...

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Climate Change is shaping Investment Strategy

The impact of Climate Change is irreversible Responsible Investing Policies shaping investment behaviour Investments exposed to carbon-intensive indus...

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Inflation, Interest Rates and the Australian Economy

Domestic inflation likely to peak in June 2022 according to RBA Strong employment growth boosting Australian economy Australian commodity producers ar...

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Passive versus Active: Which Investment Style is Best In A Downturn?

There is much ongoing debate about the relative merit of ‘passive’ investing verses ‘active‘ investing. Each investment style has a place in m...

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Interest Rates – What The RBA Said Today

No surprise at today’s announcement by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) that interest rates remain on hold, for now. The Bank noted that while th...

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